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Peace (P) for Palestine (P)

The political crisis in Palestine is getting worse and worse. After Hamas (Harakah Al-Muqawwamah Al-Islamiyyah) won the general election on 2006, some displeasures come from Fatah (led by President Mahmud Abbas), the second biggest party in Palestine. Fatah tends to reject election’s result and declare an opposition in parliament. Not only rejecting the result, Fatah also train their militias and provocating Hamas by organizing several massive movement.

This conflict is getting worse after Israel and USA intervene the political constellation by regarding Hamas as “terrorist organization”. By this stigma, USA reject the election result –although it is democratical— and develop alliance with Fatah. After some displeasure in parliament, both Hamas and Fatah organize militia and began to battle each other. The implication actually worse than before : Many civilians killed –or injuried— in some contact and many buildings damaged with multisectoral debts.

Prospect for Peace

Conflict can be stopped if Fatah recognize Hamas as a legal winner of election and agree to build a coalition cabinet. The consideration, Hamas was not win by force or violence; they win the general election and, as a result, has given political legitimacy from the people. It is a part of emocratization and political development. If Hamas is recognized as the winner, Fatah and Hamas can build a more loyal cabinet and the peace roadmap can be finished by win-win solution.

How is the prospect of next diplomatical meeting between Israel and Palestina? There are some points which are very important to recreate peace and enlighten Palestina-Israel relation’s future.

First, Israel’s presence in conflict area should be concerned. Israel’s policy in the endless conflict often make a new problem. Israel, who has some tendencies to control Palestina, is still attacking, sweeping, and blockading Palestina’s territorial border, even after Hamas control Gaza. It implies a political blockade, which is reflect the Israel’s contravention of human rights by isolating a nation from food and medicine. So, Israel should be consider Palestina’s souvereignty by not intervening the political constellation.

Second, reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas is very important to be proceed. There should be a coalition government built by Fatah and Hamas. Indeed, this step is very hard to be implemented because of ideological factor; Hamas with ideological Islam (influenced by Ikhwanul Muslimin) while Fatah in secular side. But there is no time to be wasted. All groups should concern the fate of thousands civilian who needed help and peace to set their life.

Third, Recognize democracy by rebuild the parliament based on 2006’s general election. There is no reason for Mahmoud Abbas to disband parliament, moreover confronting Hamas with military attack. That policy –disband parliament and declare a presidential cabinet— show Abbas’ “betrayal” to demoracy and essentially strengthen the dictatoral regime. This situation, according to Sorensen (2003), called as “frozen democracy”, indicated by social and political consolidation which never gain solidity and pretend to be deceited.

Fourth, there should be an intention to reconciliate by holding a political meeting to discuss Gaza’s fate in the future. I believe, Hamas can weaken their domination if Fatah agree to become a political partner to Hamas in national development. The forum should free from any intervention and independent from any political interest. This is very important to recreate Peace and hold the freedom of Palestina.

More Commitment?

Peace in Middle East, in fact, can be created if there is a commitment from all sides. A peace conference (or “peace road map”) will be a good beginning, but the work to create peace essentially executed by two nations in conflict, not by mediators. There should not be any intervention from any nations in this regional conflict, because any further intervention, in fact, only worsen the conflict in the future.

It is a homework for Mahmoud Abbas to show the world that he and his Fatah movement can recreate peace in Palestina. Peace for Palestine.

This Article is dedicated for Inka's Airport Bulletin, September 2008. "Int'l Day of Peace"

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seseorang di hi kelas b(Ranggi Kresnanda) mengatakan...

Saya rasa masalah Hamas dan fatah merupakan salah satu derivasi dari masalah krusial yang jauh lebih fundamental, yakni adanya backing USA dalam setiap polemik Israel-Palestina. menyederhanakan masalah dengan menyarankan agar USA tak ikut campur dalam konflik regional tersebut adalah sebuah "ide absolut"(yang berarti hanyalah sebuah ide, tanpa landasan ilmiah yang akuntabel). USA memiliki kepentingan di wilayah ini adalah suatu yang tak dapat dibantah. setelah perimbangan kekuasaan runtuh,usa sebagai suatu entitas politik dan militer supremasi berusaha menggenggam kontrol dunia adalah suatu yang "wajar". Untuk menjaga kepentingannya secara tak langsung amerika membutuhkan suatu perantara kekuatan regional, yaitu Israel. Dalam hal ini terjadi sebuah simbiosis mutualisme tak beradab antara usa dan israel. Israel membutuhkan legitimasi mdan otoritas demi memperoleh kembali the promise land, dan amerika mendapatkan kontrol tak langsung atas eksistensi negara zionis. Dalam hal ini Chomsky (yang seorang Yahudi) bahkan menyatakan bahwa kawasan ini tak akan pernah damai selama israel dan usa masih bercokol disana.

Ahmad Rizky Mardhatillah Umar mengatakan...

sorry, since I wrote in english, please answer also in english,,, hmmm

it would be fair, isn't it?

seseorang di hi kelas b mengatakan...

Since we also live in Indonesia, i think must be"must appropriate" for us to be indonesianized!